Thia girl won't return my texts, ask her friend?

This girl I like didn't return my last two texts. I assume she's not interested. But I'm friends with a girl she's good friends with. Would it hurt to ask our mutual friend about it?


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  • I wouldn't personally, I'd just accept it and move on because you don't know if that friend will then go and tell her. I'd just take this one on the chin man.

    • I dont really care if her friend tells her?

    • Hey if you're dead set on it, go for it, but I see no point. If she doesn't respond to you it's because she's not interested and there's no guarantee that this girl will even give you any information, especially if she's close enough friends with the girl you're interested in. I mean if you truly want to, do you, but to me it seems better to just let it go.

    • OK thanks, yeah it helps me to move on easier to actually hear that a girl is not interested than still have that slight doubt from her just not responding. I usually get over rejection in a day so Im not that worried about my own feelings if thats the only concern.

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  • If she really is friends with you then definitely ask her! Girls talk more than we can even imagine lol, so if you are mutual friends it probably would be helpful.

    But detach emotionally broskie, not returning texts is pretty sure sign.


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  • you should ask.

  • Don't go over corners you never know what the intention or perception of that other person might be.


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