Girls, is it very much a turn-off to you that a guy has no other real interest except cuddling?

That guy is me, a human lap dog. I don't know if it is considered pathetic or not but every individual should have more than one interest he/she is happy to engage in right? I do consider myself weird as guys conventionally do not take a particularly strong interest in cuddling. In the past 22 years, I found nothing in life that have me enticed except cuddling. I think this also makes me quite a mundane person albeit I do well in being open-minded and am quite conversant. When people do ask me what activities I am interested in, I dare not tell.

(I'm single by the way and never cuddled, but am asking this question to gather advice on my untoward mentality and find out if I have some kind of disorder and etc)


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  • Not a bad thing at all hahahha 💛💙💜💚❤️💗

    • Haha, it is, IF its the guy's one and only real interest. I suppose the girl would get bored of repeating the same activity after awhile.

    • I don't think so

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  • Oh well, "human lap dog" is putting it too strongly I suppose. There are gurls who like cuddling (why not?). Different people have different uh fetishes, if I might term it so. Tho I would have to agree that saying that out would get eyes on you, especially you're residing in an Asian society (if I'm not wrong?).
    in my opinion, it's not a turn-off. You can always venture into other stuffs while in a relationship and you might find out that cuddling might not be your only interest :>

  • @ found nothing in life that have me enticed except cuddling
    I think perhaps FJ personality types are like that, hahaha ;- D I am just like you but you would be surprised at what else I cuddle other than humans. I also ask my family about my mentality and if it is some kind of disorder that I cuddle those stuffs like that but they say I am perfectly normal. They say I have a real cute mind :- D

    • Hhmm... All your plush toys and perhaps a tree? :D
      I'm a tree hugger myself in nature but don't exhibit this act because the trees in our country are full of ants and I hate insects.

      Its more a sweet and innocent mind that you have I think. Huggers are usually benign souls. Haha, then what are the "those stuff" you cuddle besides humans?

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    • Hahaha! Both my mum and sister are born as Tigers too in the zodiac animal family. xD

    • But it seems like you are a benign tiger more so than a ferocious one. :D

  • I like cuddling, but if that's all there is... I doubt we would be compatible.

  • i dont mind it.