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Before I begin, I should say that this girl and I do all our communication through texts. I asked her to go ice-skating with me sometime this week yesterday night and, a day later, I still have no response from her. Weird thing is that we've gone on two dates and we were having a lively text conversation when I asked this. But when I asked, the convo immediately stopped and today I still have no reply from her. She does behave flaky sometimes, but am I wrong in thinking that it's a bit rude for her not to say anything at all? A simple yes or no would suffice instead of keeping me in limbo.


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  • If you ask me, she doesn't seem too interested in you or I think she'd try to stay in touch better. When a lot of women like a person they'll try to get together with that person. Also most likely wouldn't ignore them unless some emergency or other thing came up. Hope this might help you out.



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  • She probably isn't interested if she isn't replying by now. Kind of weird if ya'll have gone on two dates though. In my experience if I am being flaky to a guy I am trying to give him the hint of go away but everyone is different. However it is rude of her

  • Shes not interested. She just likes the fact she gets a lot of texts and has fun with that but wants nothing more from you. I would stop texting her and find a girl who wants a REAL relationship and move on.


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  • Never ask a girl out by texting. You must call her and invite her out with you. She will think you are gutless for not calling. You should call her more often, she should dig that.

    • She hates using the phone

    • Yupu don't have to have a conversation just tell her where to meet you and what time....If she flakes then you know what's up.