Shy girl probs someone HELP?

Now I'm not to experienced with shy girls so that's why I'm asking about this well I tried asking to this girl she is s freshman I'm a sophomore in my high school this year and we talked for like 2 weeks straight I would go up and we would have good convos and short ones but she is extremely shy like if I said something funny or said something that was like a on the line she would blush and try to hide her smile I stop talking to her for about a week cause I had wrestling and shit but we texted once very briefly cause I had to go do something but then at the end of this week I decided to tell her how I felt and she blushed really hard and smiled but then look confused I said do you have anything to say to that and she said no I don't know what to say and the bell rang so we went our separate ways then I decided to text her settle everything but she ignored my text what's going on she was showing interest in me like even my friends saw she would stare at me when I wasn't looking I even caught her staring a couple times


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  • just give her time.


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  • She's probably just really really shy. You literally have to go slow and hint at things until they're obvious, and then add another step. Asking any shy person out is a feat in itself and it takes a lot of work to do. This does not make them bad people in the slightest, but the not-shy person will have to ask the shy one out. Maybe even a few times. You have to do it in person because texts can be avoided and phone calls can go unanswered. The reward is well worth the wait, then once you break her shell, you'll find a great person underneath. Just go baby steps at a time and she'll eventually go on a date.

    • Okay I didn't do it over text I'm not a pussy I told her how I feel in person

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    • Okay well I'm gonna give her some time then go up to her and start talking to her again then after a week or 2 ask her out on a date sound good

    • Sounds perfect!


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  • I'd ask her out on a date. Go to a movie or something like that where she can relax and get more comfortable with you slowly.

  • Ask her out