I've been rejected. Now what?

My best guy friend moved in with three randomly picked dudes. I ended up hanging out with all of them a lot. I started to gain interest in one particular roommate and he seemed to have interest in me too because he would text me all the time, even when he was out drinking on the weekends. So one night after partying, everyone except for him & I when to bed so we listened to music on the couch for 2 hours, sobered up and ended up having sex. It was great and afterwards, I slept over and he kissed me goodbye in the morning when I left. The next day he texted me consistently and we ended up meeting up at the bars. Nothing happened and the following two days he didn't text me back. So I asked him to meet up to talk about it. We did and I decided to end things right then and there. Fast forward one week: we end up making out and cuddling all night. Next day we have plans to hang out but he bails. We reschedule for the following day and he bails. I end up going over to the apartment anyways because I wanted to see my best friend. We are in separate rooms the whole time. Right before he goes to bed, I go into his room and we start talking. I ask him why he isn't answering or hanging out with me. He tells me he got out of a four year relationship and is in a weird place. He says he just wants to be friends. We texted for a little while then I stopped answering. Fast forward four days. We all go out to the bars in a group. I get drunk and go up to him and profess my liking for him. He says he doesn't want to take things any further, although he DOES have feelings for me too. I cry and storm out of the bar. Next day we text and I apologize for acting immature. But towards the end of the conversation, I say "even though I was drunk, when I said that I liked you, I meant it." It's been 3 days. Have seen him twice and he acts normal. But hasn't texted back... Is there any chance of us working out? I was thinking about giving him space and trying again in a couple weeks.


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  • Im sorry to tell you this but from me a guy he sounds like he's just using you as a booty call.


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  • Eeek, sorry, but I think his message is quite clear to you. And you also acted a little crazy. It seems like you might bring The Drama as well. in my opinion guys will open up a little to a girl they like and respond to whatever she is putting out there. You've made it obvious about how you feel and you're still waiting for a reply.