Living with a depressed sister?

My older sister is mentally ill. I know that for a fact, it explains the fights, the screaming, yelling, threathening or whole childhood. She destroyed our family and my mother still is afraid of her, my mother dealt had a tough time raising her and she literally ruined my childhood too, she was always depressed and negative and it changed my outlook at life, i didn't know she was but after i was depressed i noticed that she was the cause. She is 28 almost 29n and still living at home with no social life and lock herself up in her room. How can i heal from this?


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  • Go out and interact with others, because you don't deserve to be dragged down in the name of "family responsibility".
    Consider getting professional help for your sister, because it is evident that taking the matter in your own hands is not doing any good.


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  • Get out of house and enjoy it with friends instead. Stop using her as an excuse fir your unhappiness


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  • If you build a better relationship between you and her then it will heal you and help her!