Those of you guys who are not popular among girls what do you think your problem is?

  • Face or appearance
    22% (2)31% (4)27% (6)Vote
  • Height
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Money (can't afford to have a girlfriend)
    0% (0)23% (3)14% (3)Vote
  • Academic status
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Personality ( you are too shy)
    22% (2)46% (6)36% (8)Vote
  • All of the above
    11% (1)0% (0)5% (1)Vote
  • None of the above ( I am perfect I don't know why girls hate me)
    45% (4)0% (0)18% (4)Vote
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  • mostly personality, too shy/antisocial


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  • 99 percent it's face and/or height. 99% of guys who claim they're shy, introverted.. etc reason, have shitty face and/or height and are delusional of it or in denial.

    I am shy, I am introverted and I never had problems with not being served with females. I'm acceptably good looking and tall.

    case closed.

  • It's mostly a confidence issue and being shy. Being ugly is not a good excuse and it's all in your head.

    • It really has nothing to do with being shy or confident, since I know tons and tons and tons of shy guys (with confidence levels of all sorts) with girlfriends.

      I do think girls are superficial but not about looks (obviously.) It's more about money than anything.

    • @EnglishArtsteacher Yes money pulls girls to you, looks attracts them to you, and personality has a way of making you alluring.

    • Alright, fair enough.

  • i chose face or appearance. but i believe it is A and C. i am not very good looking and i don't have a job. so yeah