I want to go on vacation with my boyfriend, but how can I keep it from my parents?


my boyfriend and I want to go on vacation together. We are having a long distance relationship and wanted to meet up in Florida. He came to see me multiple times and it's my turn to take a few steps for him. My parents are really strict and wouldn't approve of me going on vacation with him. I am really in love with my boyfriend and want to go, but I am scared of disappointing my parents when they find out. How can I keep it from my parents? Do you think it's a high risk to tell them I am going with a female friend?


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  • It's risky to lie like that. Did your parents know when he came to visit you?

    • no, i can't tell them, because they are racist and my boyfriend is black

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    • it's really important to me, because i feel kind of guilty that he is always the one to spend money and effortn on our relationship. if my parents find out they'll be really upset and mad that i lied to them. they won't trust me anymore.

    • You're parents already have some trust issues (or are simply concerned with your safety), because they wouldn't let you go if you asked them. So... I guess go for it and say you are going with a friend as long as you are sure your parents won't try to contact your friend's parents while you are gone.

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  • Just leave and never come back


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  • You would need a female friend to help you make it sound really convincing.

    • what do you mean?

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    • unfortunately i don't have friends there :(

    • does he live in Florida?

      In that case have a friend of yours convince your parents you will be going with her on vacation.

  • okay, in my opinion you have to tell your parents. but if you want to keep it from them, pick a good friend and make sure she's in on it. say you won't be on your phone so they can't call. mostly depends on how good of a liar you are.