Girlfriend checked exs Facebook. Should I be worried?

Hi so quick question here. With the purpose of making a long story short, I happened to find out that my girlfriend of almost a year had checked her exs Facebook recently. And went pretty far down his timeline. I also know she did it like 7 months ago once as well. Is this normal? I tend to get jealous easily because of past relationships (I try to hide it most of the time) and I like to get opinions before I worry too much. Thank you


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  • Sometimes people wonder what their exes have been up to. It's not because they want that person back, it's just out of curiosity.
    If she did this frequently then I'd worry.


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  • She's probably curious what he's been doing. None of us know if she has feelings for him. If she looks at his facebook twice a year, I doubt he's much of a threat. It's possible she still likes him but at least hasn't stalked his account.


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  • no, its more of a boost for us, we want them to be miserable without us irrelevant of whether we care about them or not.

    I often check my exes to see how he is doing, I have no feelings for him whatsoever :)


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