How to ask for a hug?

I am a shy person, i don't talk much and I'm the quiet one in class. My boyfriend and I don't talk much, or see each other much, only up to three times a day (man I wish I could see him more) and we don't automaticly hold hands, I just know we are thinking of it but we just don't do it. Well instead of just holding hands, I want to give him a quick hug before we part for the day. I don't want to just run over to him and hug him. I just want us to get more comfortable with one another and seem normal towards one another. I see him morning, lunch/recess, and when we walk together to the buses. Please help me out people!


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  • The best way is to just hug him. If you don't do that then you'll have to talk about physical affection which you should do anyway. Just tell him you want to talk about those things


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  • Well It is simple... when you are in front of him just open your arms and if he doesn't understand simple say "give me a hug" (with not a demanding tone but a cute one) and ofc he can't say "NO". and as you hug him do it for around 10 secs and rub smothly