I think my girlfriend is cheating but I don't want to break up, what should I do?

My buddy called me this morning to tell me to check my snapchat which I never do. What I found was my girlfriend snuggling with another guys sweater with captions like "when his XO sweater smells like him" and "when he drops me off and says there's more gift". I know these are obvious signs of cheating but deep down I don't want to believe it. When I confronted her about it she starts saying how I'm overreacting and that I'm jealous over stupidity because he's just a brother like friend. She then said if you don't fix that I don't know what to say, I don't deal with immaturity

To clarify: she said"I don't deal with immaturity"


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  • Time to bring out the big guns. Tell her you are sorry for accusing her of that and that you just love her so much and don't want to be hurt by her. You'd do anything in the world for her and would never do something as terrible as cheating on her and it was unfair to think she would. She is the best thing to ever happen to you and you know she would never break your heart like that. She's much too sweet and loving and amazing to do something so hurtful.

    You see where I'm gettin at here?

    • Honestly, I want to do that but I don't know... How exactly to go about it

    • I ended up doing what you suggested... My thought process was if she forgives me or whatever it means that she didn't cheat. If she did then what I messaged her must have ate her up emotionally, whichever it is, I will find out when she messages me back

    • There ya go. And good luck! I honestly hope everything turns out well for you


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  • Wow. She's pinning that on YOU when SHE'S doing something that's blatantly inappropriate? That's a textbook sign of plenty of cheaters--projecting blame onto someone else.

    You deserve better. Please break up with her. You don't want to wake up months down the road being unhappy to find out that you wasted time with her or when she finally decides to tell you that she was cheating, and doesn't want to be with you.

    • I agree, but I can't bring myself to break up with her, cuz what if it's really just a big misunderstanding?

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    • Well if I was going to break up with her, I'd just show up at her place with all her stuff/clothes/etc and just dump it at her. Hopefully her mom would be there cuz I've gotten so close with her family, there's no way her mom would not side with me

    • That's even better. I hope you find someone who truly respects and appreciates who you are.

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  • If you are sure that she is cheating (which she probably is), just break up with her. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made for long term well being.

  • he's a brother-like friend and she's Cersei Lannister. That woman sounds like the devil.

  • Well tell her that she hurt your feelings. She should at least try to say sorry. Damn is she that unsensative? Man I'd slap her if I were you...

    • Nope, I have gotten no apologies what so ever. And I haven't texted her back since she started blaming me

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    • @aficionado yeah I agree with the not hitting part cuz of the assault/battery charges

    • If she doesn't then just cut her off mate nothing else you can do.

  • break up

    make sure she's cheating, make note of every insecurity you've noticed in her, start pointing the things she's insecure about out very very subtly... Let her start getting upset. When you do actually break up, make it really clear to her that it's not because she cheated on you, which by the way don't bring that up until you break up with her at all, tell her it's because of all those little things that she hates about herself... Yeah you hate them too, she should really work on getting them fixed.

    • For the record, the goal isn't to make her hurt herself but it's to make her realize she has no purpose dating someone with any value; from now on, she can date fat losers who live in their mother's basements and she should be happy about that.

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    • @RachelBrigs You don't know shit. You're 19 and have never experienced anything in your life resembling failure or rejection.

      Do you have any idea how many girls I turn down a week or have to pretend to not see interest from? Don't give me that "insecure" shit. I'm 5'9'' 185lbs 14% bodyfat with a well built muscular structure. Just did an open mic tonight with the guy who runs it telling me I'm better than him and asking me about my band. I don't need your validation or pathetic psychoanalysis of me. You don't know shit.

      I'm not angsty, I'm pissed that she's still using guys. And obviously you've cheated on people or you wouldn't be defending the actions of someone who intentionally hurts others. What kind of shit are you fucking injecting into your veins, you should try quitting.

    • Oh man it just gets worse and worse with you.
      I don't know rejection? Debatable.
      Failure? Oh believe me I've failed and rebuilt myself. And I'm stronger now. Not angry. :)

      I'm not defending her. Absolutely nothing I said defended her actions. At all. I actually recall saying cheaters were despicable asswipes! Maybe you can't read well.
      I'm not defending her, I'm just sayin' that fighting fire with fire is unhealthy. And immature. That's it.
      I've never cheated on anyone, I've never even been in an actual relationship, although that's debatable as well. I don't condone cheating and I would never.
      You're clearly pissed off at the world and no matter how many times you say that you're hot and successful your words show that your ego is actually in pieces.

  • Sounds like a bitch. Dump her ass.

  • Leave the bitch. She'll only hurt you in the long run.

  • She's gettin strange dick. Get out. Either you're gonna catch something, she'll just up and leave you for the other guy, or she'll get knocked up and trick you into signing daddy papers and paying her for the next 18 years,

    Best case scenario, she decides to leave you. It'll hurt you less if you leave her of your own accord. Get out and find a gal that ain't a whore. Or better yet, find a lot of gals that ARE whores before you settle down with one that isn't...

  • Before you dump her, have sex one more time

    • Why would he want to bang what another man has been in while he was with her?

    • @RationalLioness Uh, sex

      I understand your point, but I'm not suggesting a meaningful encounter where they join hearts etc. More facial

  • Typical cheater behavior, shifting the blame back onto you