So I am starting to date this guy and we haven't talked for little over two weeks?

Because of school starting, and he did tell me that he was going to be like antisocal for two weeks because of school starting. But now it has been a few days over two weeks. When I first met him we none stoped talked for days, all day! Then we talked every night at least, almost every day for months. He has told me how he felt and that he loved me... So my question is... Do you think I should try starting a conversation with him or do you think I should stay quiet and have him be the first one to start the conversation? P. S. I am 16 years old!


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  • He's in college? Wait a bit longer for him to contact you.

    • Yes he is in college! ;-)

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    • So what does that mean? Did he contact you? You him? What is the relationship status?

    • I sent him a couple of screenshots of some animé I thought he would like when I found them, because he likes animé, and we started talking for a little bit and... He was like "you must have been really really lonely" and I wasn't going to lie to him so I said "yes kind of" and he asked "like horny kind of lonely or.." And so... Yea.. He wanted to sext. I don't even know anymore. Do u think I should still try going for him, or stay friends so I can make sure he stays at least in my life?


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  • that he loved you? uhh.. the fuck lol.

    oh you're 16, so im assuming he's in high school too, this makes much more sense. no fucking way he is that busy. bro I think you got left in the dust, but text him and find out.

    • I have texed him, but we have not really talked much😢 we only talked maybe a few minutes and then he said he was sick like the flu and was going to sleep😥

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    • don't worry, another guy will come along, probably a way better guy. keep your chin up and your mental guards up.

    • Yes.. I will. Thank you

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  • As an outsider looking in, I think he told you he would be super busy for two weeks to escape the obligation of having to contact you. No one is so busy they can't carve 3 minutes out of a day to say hello. Frankly if he wants/needs this much space, let him have it. Hopefully he'll contact you; if not, move on.

    • OhMyGosh thank u! I will wait more.. It has been little over three weeks now since we had a decent conversation, wish I waited on pushing that MHO, I would have gave it to you!

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    • Aww, I'm sorry. Better you found out now, though.

    • Yes true but it still hurts like hell