How to show interest without seeming so available?

How can I show the man that I like him without coming off as desperate or too available?


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  • Accept some of his invitations to do things but decline a few of them and propose a later date. Don't always respond right away to his messages. Show some sporadic contact like grab his arm when you laugh at his jokes, but don't leave it there. Etc.


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  • In order to get noticed, you need to be noticeable. Wear something that will catch his attention. A brightly colored top, a flowing skirt, kick-ass boots or an interesting hair clip could do the job. You want to stand out without seeming to be an eccentric.

    Your outfit should be a non-verbal conversation. Someone checking out your ensemble should be able to get a general sense of you. Use the winter to your advantage. In a sea of darks, be a shining beacon of colour.

    Good luck.


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