Should I be annoyed that he liked another girl's photos on Instagram, or is it no big deal?

At the beginning of the year, we had a slightly rough few weeks on and off. I noticed round about this time, he liked two pictures of this girl on Instagram, but after we fixed things, he never did it again.

it just maddens me a bit in the first place that he did. Should I be mad, is it not a big deal that he liked another attractive girl's photos? What confused me was that this girl just isn't his type... she's covered in tattoos and piercings. It's a hurtful thing to find out, and he doesn't know that I know.


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  • you can find something cute, pretty or attractive without wanting anything from it, and like a photo? is nothing. Only would be important if he knows the person and spend time with it.


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  • I wouldn't get mad. If you are confident in yourself and in your relationship you would know that it doesn't matter that he liked a picture. Be confident and know that your man is with you and that he ain't going nowhere


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  • its so petty just let it go.

  • In advance, I'd like to apologize of this sounds harsh. Stop being so insecure. We can. "Like" something or someone or their look without wanting to dump you and sail off into the sunset with that person. And along those lines, guys hate insecure women so if you persist we may very well fall for the next hot photo we see and dump you. Your insecurity then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


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