Should I go to an event so I can talk to her friends?

Honestly I've talked to her friends before and junk but not since telling this girl how I felt about her... Right now were not official but are I guess testing waters
Anyway there's an event going on through this weekend and she won't be able to go due to school.
I had offered to take her but she wanted to be responsible... Now that she's not going I don't know if I want to spend my money... Or save it for next time we go out. Cuz honestly hanging with her was a big reason for me being willing to spend the money. I mean I guess I can still probably go there and mingle with her friends (they're mt friends to but mostly hers) and maybe just be part of their circle... But again its a lot of money and I'm debating it.. Is it still worth it to go?(it's like 40 dollars, not including purchases there)


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  • I'd safe the money... unless it's someyhing that you would also enjoy without her.


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  • Well, you need to figure what exactly you hope to get from that event, and then estimate if it is really worth the time and money invested.


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