Guys, do you text a girl a lot when you're interested? Skype? Make time to talk if you're ACTUALLY interested?

Guys, do you text a girl a lot when you're interested? Skype? Make time to talk if you're ACTUALLY interested?

My boyfriend acts like he's not interested in me. We haven't even been dating that long (1 month and couple weeks). I always ask him if he still wonna be together, if he's into me but he gets mad because to him 'if he doesn't want to be with me, he'll tell me'. But I'm like you're not freaking SHOWING me so I'm just confused dude. I wonna break up with him like now becasue I'm tired of him. Since I like him I tried to be a good girlfriend and not give up but he's making it really hard. He barely text me. We live 30 or so mins away from each other. We're supposed to be going to college together this Spring but right now, I don't want anything to do with him. Him ignoring me makes me want to cut him off completely. I'm the type of girl that loses interested quickly if I'm not getting enough attention from my man to show me he's into me. He's not doing that so I don't know. Am I being reasonable?


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  • what does this dude do in his life?
    if he is busy with something then give him some time but if it's not and as u mentioned u are in a break then he is probably avoiding u for some reasons

    considering the period of ur relationship which is short; everything is new and fresh u guys must be so into each other but on his side it's like there is nothing yet he gets pissed off when u discuss that with him

    before a relationship guys who are interested in their crush keep a balance for texting and calling but then it gets extreme u would send and receive at anytime and a lot too because u are not afraid of being pushy u already crossed that barrier u became a couple!!

    now does he take u on a date very often?
    if yes we shall say he is a good boyfriend :)

    • He just graduated high school. He does have a job and is a pretty busy person but the thing is I never see him. He never took me out on a date either which I should say is my fault because I accepted being his girlfriend before really getting to know him.

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    • Awww thank you. Awesome advice. I'm totally gonna take it

    • u are so welcome :)

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  • No because that comes off as needy and most women hate needy guys. Ignore and treat like shit and women will stick to you.

    • Well obviously I'm not gonna stick to him so... you're so wrong

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    • No because women often lie. Look at a woman's actions, not the words that come out of their mouth.

    • Ohhhh I get it!! You know EVERY woman in the world right? I see WHY you'll KNOW this. Gtfo lol