Is there any dating sites for people who want to date interracially?

arab girl want to date a white guy


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  • Ha that's an interesting question!!! I'm a white male & I'd be open to that! Haha


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  • I think you mean interculturally, but yes, there are many.

    You don't say where you live or where you grew up. That makes a big difference. If you live in Saudi, your chances are zero that you are going to find a westerner. If you grew up and live in London or Los Angeles your background will not matter as much. I am also assuming that by Arab, you specifically mean the Arabian peninsula, and not North African, Palestinian or Iraqi. If I am wrong, then be specific nationality because it matters. Egyptian is nothing like Emeriti or Saudi.

    The sites can get very specific, such as specializing in Russians, Indonesians, blacks, Africans, even specializing in a particular province of the Philippines. Some are to bring people together that are alike, and some to bring people together that are not. Just google interracial dating. Know that specialty sites often have few members.

    Online dating is a matter of numbers. You are better off using a large site, put caucasian as your race and decline to state your religion. In your profile, you can down play or ignore your Arabness and just be like anyone else. Make sure your photos would attract the kind of guy you are looking for. Ex: a hijab will turn them away because the message is you don't accept western culture. Then contact the guys you like. If one responds and asks you about it, say, yeah, but I hope that will not be an issue, I am as American (or British or whatever) as you are and I have more in common with the typical American than I do with anyone from my parents' home country. Some guys will accept that and some won't. If not, then he isn't your guy.

    It will be tough. I have lived in the LA area for over 25yrs, and have been all over the world, including to the Arabian Peninsula. I have dear friends and former girlfriends who are Muslims. But I have no Arab friend and have never even talked with an Arab woman. All the women I interacted with on the peninsula were foreigners. I am being specific, as I do have Egyptian, Iraqi, and Persian friends and I have dated Persians, a Moroccan, Malays, and Indonesians (no one would confuse Malay and Indo as Arab, but the point is that religion isn't the biggest barrier). The people of the peninsula think so differently than anyone else in the world, that I have not been able to bridge the cultural gap to even find a friend.

    • im from north africa , i live in tunisia

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    • the problem with online dating is the distance and that most of them lie

    • You could always try moving to Paris or London.

      Sure, men lie online. So do women. You have to filter them out. Start with hundreds, try to find one.

      For the distance, that is why I say if you are looking for a husband, your chances are a lot better than if simply looking to date. Try the Russian, Asian, and African bride sites and see how it goes. Try different ones and measure your results. You are not committing to marry someone, but the men there are more likely to be open to someone far away.

      Not a lot of people in the Anglosphere know much about Tunisia. When you get into a conversation and talk about your culture, you can talk about the French and Roman influences. It is a fascinating history.

  • Yeah I think there are some out there. You could always just put that in your dating profile on a regular site though.

    • i decided not to, online dating sucks

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    • @asker Just have to keep searching though, shutting down will only keep you single. Try asking a man out in real life that you like.

    • i don't mind being single actually, i dated an arab guy once and sadly it doesn't work out for me.
      its like two different worlds

  • Oh my yes.

  • Stick to your own race!

    • that's not ur choice

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    • iam sure im not ugly lol and white men are the most beautiful and thats a fact
      if you are talking about yourself being ugly now thats an other story

    • yeah whatever you say. Have fun race mixing and popping out half-breeds.

  • Just go to any dating site that has lots of white guys and start asking them.

    • hell no

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    • Got it. Well, good luck!

    • he was just a friend nothing serious lol we still talk though but it's weird
      and thank you

  • Arab girl wanting a white guy? Lol, Bullshit.

    I find Arab girls attractive, I really do, but I've yet to meet an Arab woman who didn't snub everyone she meets. You can't even get to the word "hello" with an Arab girl.

    Good luck overcoming the behavior of other Arab girls. Most white guys I know no longer even bother trying to talk to them.


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  • Is this a serious question at all?