How do you know if you're texting him too much?

Okay so there's this guy that I like a lot. We met back in the summer and in the beginning he would text or call me and vice versa, but now I have to sort of start the convo whenever we talk... what's up with that?


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  • Maybe he just generally doesn't know what to say. Because I personally get really nervous when talking to gorgeous ladies... You'll know if you text him too much when he doesn't text back, or if he takes a while to reply; then maybe he is just busy.

    Personally I love being texted by girls, whenever, wherever. As not only does it raise confidence, it also initiates better friendship and what not.

    The best way, however, to find out if you text him too much is to simply ask him. If he generally likes you he'll understand why you have asked and give you a decent answer.

    Best of Luck.


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  • when you ask this question...

    call him!


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  • some guys are busy with work.i know that if I text my guy too much, it annoys the **** out of him. so I'd keep it more sparingly when you do text him. :)

    has he said he finds it annoying that you text him too much? I don't even text my guy everyday.

    • No I have never asked, but I'm one of those types of people who think wayy too much

  • you know you're texting too much when he doesn't respond. use the IOI rule which is you text, he texts, you text, he texts... if he doesn't respond, then ease up and don't text till he does or better to leave it till the following day.