What to do about a girl you'd want to have sex with but not necessary date?

i meet this girl at a bar a while back , she seems to be there a lot and parties often and dresses very sexy. often wearing tiny tops that show off her abs and belly piercing. she is a very good looking girl on a physical level. but i got the feeling she might be a bit too wild at her age to try and get into anything serious. i'd likely enjoy having sex with her but really unsure if she would be datable or what she'd be like when she was not at the bar. i'm torn and really not sure about her , i sense when i see her at bar she is very into me and was annoyed i didn't try and do more with her , i'm not even really sure why she liked me either as we haven't done much together other than going to that bar


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  • Tell her you want to be friends with benefits.


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