Should I surprise him at his concert?

I have been seeing this guy for a couple of months, but he is a hard working man so I rarely see him. Everything is great and there is not a single sign that says he does not like me as much as I like him. He is also in a band and they have a concert this weekend in another city. I have friend who live in that city and I am thinking of going to see her and see the band with her. He does not know anything about me going there, because I want to surprise him.
Is this a good thing to do or is it too early in the relationship?


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  • Too early for a full on surprise, let him know ahead of time that you will be there.


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  • I think that'll be a good surprise :) and I think it's sweet you want to support him


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  • Are you in an official relationship with him? If yes, then sure surprise him. I am certain that he will like it a lot.