Have you ever make out with someone and they refuse to give you their number?

I made out with my neighbor. Actually he pursued me for long and I rejected him. After few years I had make out session in his place and mine. No date or abything like that. I refuse to give him my number and I call him when I wanted like in three days. The reason is I know that he is a womanizer and don't want to be aplayed. After a great night at his apartment, I called him the next day. After that I haven't called him until yesterday and I don't know if he has came into my apartment on the weekend. Yesterday I called him twice and he rejects my call. I feel like it is his defense mechanism or is with another woman. After all he got my body , even if it is not exactly sex. It is almost sex :) What will he feel? How do I act when I see him again


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  • I once had sex with a girl I didn't even now the name of

    • Really? Were you drunk?

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    • Bits in peices

    • Hahah

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  • It's over with him. Move on

    • There was nothing serious actually. We only made out like three times


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  • I think he has resentment.

    • Resentment for what?

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    • @asker You obviously didn't have any amount of empathy for what I just said. Let me rephrase.

      I can't help that I am a womanizer. It is insurmountably difficult to let go of the pain from my last relationship. He probably has this same problem.

    • I know what you mean. It is a cope up mechanism. This why it is better to always keep being honest. The cycle goes on when you keep being a womanizer and break other and turn them into being you. There must be a better way to deal with rejection. I know it hurts like hell. But it is part of life

  • you didn't want him so he doesn't want to waste anymore of his time on you

    • I actually want him after make out. Only I really like to be Ina relationship than hook up with no string attached. I felt like he wanted the convenience of hooking up. I would date him if he really wanted relationship.

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