There's a girl I like but she never texts first. I want to know if she's interested so im not wasting my time, shall I ask her? if so how?


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  • If she's replying to you texts and seems to enjoy the conversation then she's just shy. She's probably scared to message first, it doesn't mean she's not interested

  • There's multiple reasons to why this is happening. Some girls enjoy the chase- they want to feel wanted. It's possible she's not interested unless you guys flirt when you do have a conversation. Then she may just be shy so just do your best to bring her out of that shell. But if she's showing 0 interest I suggest you leave it alone and not allow her to lead you on! Hope this helped

    • she used to show interest, she went travelling for 3 weeks so i decided it was a good opportunity to test if she'd ever text me first and she didn't, i texted when she got back and although she responded back instantly and seemed excited all the texts since then have been cold and short like she's annoyed with me and not interested. think i should just move on? i can't understand why she's being like that. thanks

    • If she's giving you the cold shoulder, and short answers... I suggest to move onto the next. I myself wouldn't waste my time on someone whom isn't worth it.