First date in a long time help! Tips?

Might sound dumb, but met this guy online and we're going to the movies and possibly dinner tomorrow night after I work. Now, I've ONLY been with my ex, and we dated almost 5 years, and its been a little over 7 months since he left, so I am I guess kinda new at dating I guess so kind of unsure on what to do I guess. And I know its kind of scary since I met this guy online, but I met my ex online and I talked to 2 other guys before this new one, one turned out to be a jerk and the other just didn't click but I never met them in person. I have this guys MySpace and Facebook and friends and family have checked on him, lol. I've been talking to him for at least 2 weeks now and we have almost everything in common, so we pretty much clicked right away. But again, I've only been with one guy and for almost 5 years so any tips on 1st dates hehe? I am a shy person, tho online I talk but I know ill probably be quiet at 1st with him, like I was when I 1st met my ex. So yeah, gimme tips I guess hehe, even if my question may sound kinda dumb lol.


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  • The bummer about a movie date is you don't get to talk and get to know each other so it is not my idea of a good first date idea.

    Anyways, I think guys need a chance to shine and show who they are and I find giving a guy the floor to talk is a good idea. He should ask you questions as well and you should answer but don't dominate the conversation or over answer. Other than that, try to remember it is a first date, a chance to meet and have fun too, so keep it light. Don't ask or get into a bunch of questions about your plans for the future, past dating experiences or the dreaded "How are you finding this online dating thing?". Total romance killer.


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  • My first piece of advice for you is to definitely make sure someone that is close to you knows where you are going and when you should be home just as a safety measure. My second piece of advice is to just be yourself. Try to let the conversation progress naturally so it doesn't feel uncomfortable or like your quizzing him. Let him take the lead and just relax and go with the flow. I've been in your situation and I know that it is very nerve racking but try to just enjoy yourself.

  • ok hunny.just b fun and flirty but not to much, and stand your ground don't dress like a slut wit a mini skirt and spegetti strap, dress casual with a little bit of style.remember this is only the first date so don't go to far becouse you might regret it.hope this helps ya.

    good luck,