What does a kiss on the forehead mean?.

A girlfriend tried to hook me up with her friend. I invited the guy to a party on our fist meeting, we had a good time dancing and laughing together. He stayed back to chat with me till dawn. When leaving in the morn., he planted a kiss on my forehead after a hug. Now we talk on the phone for hrs once in 2days only after I had called or texted him. He says he is very glad we finally met and he'll come and see me (I live 4hrs away), I asked "when?". He said he'll let me know. I'm totally confused about the whole thing. What does the forehead kiss mean and what does he or doesn't he want?. Please help!


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  • It means he likes you... the kiss expresses interest without coming on overly strong. Perhaps he is aware of the difficulty of the distance and while he is interested in you, doesn't want to try to start a relationship that could be difficult to maintain.

    If you like him, maintain contact, but don't get too caught up. If a strong enough mutual interest develops, things will work out.

    • Thanks. I decided not to call or text him for 2 days, he didn't either so last night I called and leFt a msg that I was just checking how he's doing. He had asked me what my first impression of him was, I said "good personality and hot". He told me his jaws literally dropped d first time he saw me. So how come he's not showing me if he's interested?....well other than calling me sweetness and sexy?. I wish he would just tell me something to either encourage or discourage me.

    • How old is the guy, if that is the limit of his communication? He should be able to indicate a higher level of interest than simply saying his "jaw dropped"! Of course, I guess you kind of set the stage with your initial response.

    • Well, he called and said he wanted to come and see me. We are going to be seeing each other for 2 weeks. I'll ask him what he wants if he doesn't make it clear enough for in those 2wks. Things have been pretty good, I guess I was worried for no reason. I'll let you guys know how it all goes after the 2 wks vacation. Thanks


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  • forehead kiss is pretty special thing I'm sure the next chance he gets he'll defenitly let you know. it sounds too me that you guys defenitly have something maybe love maybe not but defenitly something kiss on the forehead is usually him saying that he wants this night to be really special.


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  • It means he thinks you're adorable