Can you tell on a first date if you like someone?

well I went on my date on sat night and it went well. At the end of it he asked me if I wanted to do it again and I said yeah if he did. And he said yeah definitely lets do bowling it's more active lol. So we have been speaking every night since then. But what I am wondering is... is he sure about me or is he having the second date to find out if he sure. Is a second date a good sign and how many dates do I have afore I know if he wants a relationship?

Thanks guys and gals... he told me he thought I was nice and easy to get on with and down to earth. So I suppose that's a nice thing. I do like him and would love a relationship with him but I just wanna know if he feels the same. He said I passed stage 1 successfully which I was pleased about. I just wanna know if he can see this going anywhere. We have spoke for a full month everyday and it is big txts and we speak on the phone. Fingers crossed :-)


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  • You can't know for sure if you want a relationship with a person on the first date, unless you've known that person for quite some time before dating. If he wants to see you again it's because he is interested in getting to know you.

    • Thanks I am just impatient lol I need to know what's happening it drives me mad not knowing I feel. I do like him but wanna play it cool.

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    • Yeah, don't ask now. It's too soon. See how things develop.

    • Yeah I am gonna lol. It is frustrating I think. I ain't the most patient of people.


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  • Wow, I'm confused. Maybe I'm just really old. What is supposed to happen after a first date that is not a second date? Were you hoping for a proposal of marriage? To move in with him? What?

    I suppose by a relationship you mean an exclusive relationship? There's no special number of dates. And no, he's probably not sure of you after one date. Are you sure of him?

    • I wasn't expecting marriage no I just wanna know if he can see us having a relationship. We kissed at the be of the night and that it. I do like him yeah and I would like a relationship with him. But I just want to know if he will think the same of me after the second date

  • Hmmmm if she's shy and likes to fondle guys while watching tv most likely yes I would like her

  • You'll know if you get asked for a second

    • I have been asked for a second date buy him but I worry that he is not sure that's what I wanna know would he ask me for a second date if he wanted to see me or make this go somewhere. How many dates do you go on afore you know if your gonna give it a go?

    • Well, generally, the third date is the sex date...

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  • Best advice I can give is dont rush it and dont worry, if he likes you he will make it offical, but if you push it you might come off as pushy or just not chill. act chill basically, fake it till you make it girl!

    • That's my worry that. That I come across as pushy or needy. So I suppose we are just dating? And does this mean he is still technically single?

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    • Thats tough because I guess different countries and they morals and culture would have a different approve, where are you from, it will make this easier

    • No. Its bcz of our exp. Level dear :)) thanks for caring