Hi! Im so in love. I have been dating this guy for two months. We had a date Sunday and he said he enjoyed. Do you think its bad if I text him first?

He was super sweet to me but during the date I admit I acted weird and too quiet. I am falling in love with him and I dont know what to do because its very hard for me to open up. People tell me I can be cold, but I dont mean to. Im afraid he is thinking I lost interest, but then what if I sensed he is the one who is not into me anymore. Please help, I have a bad feeling in my gut. I never felt so in love before.


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  • Why is texting a bad thing? It shows him you like him. Guys appreciate that, they need to feel loved/liked too. Far out! If everyone was scared of texting first, noone would text and it'd be a cold, lonely existence for all.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you want to text him, then go for it. Try not to over think it. If it's right, then it will work out and if he likes you back, then he will be totally into you taking a first step.