Scared to start dating?

Are any of you guys scared to start dating?
In this community tons of y'all are out there hittin the scence, but I am scared to death to try dating myself.
I have heard a lot of horror stories, and I don't want to be vulnerable or sad.
I'm also really scared of sex, and although I want to try it someday it's like... *sigh* I know guys like sex so for me it's kinda like "if I date a guy I have to have sex with him." I don't feel like there's many guys who want to wait more than a few months anymore...
I am 20 years old, and I had one boyfriend when I was 16. I ended up calling it off a few weeks later becuase I was so stressed out from knowing I even had a boyfriend! lol

Do any of you guys feel the same way? Have you overcome it?
Thanks a bunch, as always!


p. s. In case that didn't make any sense (somtimes I ramble) I DO want a boyfriend and to fall in love very very badly... I'm just frightened. :(


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  • I'm 20, I would wait more than a few months for sex, even for marriage honestly. Guys like me seem rare, but you know, we exist! You shouldn't force yourself though, start really slow and be very open with your guy. Tell him you want to hold hands, or start out acting just as friends, ease into it and just be yourself. Everyone has their own pace, you know? And you just need to take it at a speed that you are comfortable! You are still REALLY young so don't feel like there's a need to rush either!! Just do you and try to be happy :)


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  • I used to be like that, I was never shy with boys but I always was scared to get in to a relationship, or to do things sexually with boys. But I have over come it, and it isn't something you train yourself, you will just know when you meet the right person. Me for example, I have met this guy I really like, and now all I want to do is be around him and kiss him and just love him. But before i was so nervous... and frightened... If a guy truly loves you he will respect your opinion and wait a few months, although guys are horny so you probably would have to show him some sort of attention because you wouldn't want him getting impatient... Even just kissing him, and cuddling with him until you feel comfortable, but you should let him know that you are nervous and inexperienced because whoever the guy is would respect that, as if you dont mention it they might just think you aren't interested. Hope this helps!


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  • i think u have a disease

    only joking lol yea just ease yourself in slowly and dont go for a player

    • Noooo not a disease!!! Ahahaha
      It's kinda hard to tell who's a player and who's not... that's part of the reason I'm so scared :/ but I guess I'll just have to get to know them for awhile?
      Thanks a lot, this helped!!

  • yeah when they are humping each other

  • I am already 21 and haven't dated anyone yet.. but for me it hasn't got anything to do with fear.. i think u should just allow yourself to ease into it slowly


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  • I am scared to date period. I have major commitment issues and I can barely even deal with knowing a guy has a crush on me these days. It makes me so nervous and anxious and crappy feeling and overwhelmed and freaked out. I have yet to overcome it.

    • Omg me too!!! In your case, do you wish you could date? Or you just don't want to? I want to but can't... I'm afraid I'll be a bad girlfriend ;_;

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    • Oh, juicyyyyy 😉
      I totally get you though, I hate the idea of letting people in too... vulnerability is not my favorite thing lol
      If you want to, no pressure, pm me and tell me about your situation! I'm nosy (yikes lol) and I think listening to your story may help.
      But again, no worries if you don't wanna :)
      Thanks for your comments btw!

    • You're welcome! :) I'll totally pm you. On GaG, being nosy isn't bad, haha.

  • Very, I'm really just afraid of getting hurt.

  • i feel the same!