Make a move in the best way?

just a background, i met this girl and we are not really in same social circles so we are not really gonna run into each other but have to plan things instead. So I kind of feel a bit of pressure that i need to make a move or we may not see each other. Now our convo is usually pretty light and easy, some teasing, no pressure really.

I'm sounding amateurish because of the best way to make a move. We usually greet with a hug normally i do touch her in her arm hands during the convo but nothing really sexual.

Should I be telling her in words or just go for a kiss or something.


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  • get close to her, hold her in your arms, look her in the eyes caress her face and kiss. the key is confidence. if you dont have it then somone else does.


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  • Yes, kiss the girl.

  • Just go in for a kiss/put your arm around her, or something to that effect.


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