I was dating a really nice guy...He broke up with me through a text message...Why do people do that.? why not face to face?

he said also said that he wanted to stay friends...he then text me like the next day to hang out...i was out of town...i asked him to hang out a couple days later..but then he was having people over invited me over but I had already had plans...
now we don't even talk anymore...i have decide to wait to see if he ever text me...if he doesn't then I don't care...but I would like to be that wrong of me after the way he dumped me?


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  • Why do they do that? It is easier not to face the reality that they may be hurting someone's feelings. They would rather not think of it. What they do not realize that it hurts worse than a conversation. It happened to me once and made me feel like I was not a human being entitled to express my feelings. Horrible. I am making it a point right from the get go with my next relationship to tell the person I don't have text messaging (even though I do.) It is too impersonal. Could you imagine not texting? It means the guy who is interested in you HAS to call instead. Much much better to create a stronger healthier bond I think. But that is just my opinion...old school.

    • Why would he want to stay friends? think that he also just said that to be nice? come to think of it....we don't talk anymore....we did at first...then one night we drunk texted each other...then haven't heard from him I know this all makes him seem like a really ass whole...but ireally did think he was a nice guy

    • He probably said he wants to stay friends thinking that may hurt you less. This is a sign of pure immaturety at it's best. . he may not be an Ahole but he certainly is not mature. We have courage and respect when we enter into relationships, we should show courage and respect when ending it as well.

    • Yeah I like it when a guy calls instead but maybe not telling him you have texting is a bad idea just say you prefer to talk instead of texting so he doesn't get mad that you lied. and I know what you mean a guy broke up with me in e-mail it hurts


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  • So they don't have to deal with the potential emotional backlash that might accompany the break. We're all just a bunch of human being tip-toeing around trying not to hurt other people's feelings. Honesty has lost it's luster. Heck, back in the 80's and 90's, before technology evolved, you either received a phone call at home, or nothing. So we must ask ourselves . . . "Would I prefer to know via text, IM, Email, etc, or not know at all?"

    • You have a very good point...butthen I still ask....why? if someone has made up there mind and no longer cares for that person in that way...but knows that we will see each other agian.....y not just do it by the "book" and do brake up with me to my face.....the whole time we dated we never once even had a I don't see how he wouldbe afraid of me starting not that type of girl to get up set or show anger...and yell and stuff

  • Some people just want the easy way out. Show's you what kind of person they are when they dump somebody by text. People who do that get no respect from me.

    • Thats what I don't understand...i would get it if he was the type of guy that would just want the easy way out......but I really didn't think he was that type of guy.....

  • cuz there not real men they can face a person with the truth if he did that then your better off your too good for that

    • It just sucks...and I know that it will make the first time we see each other again 10x more weird!!

    • I feel your pain I hate guys like that

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  • It's a poor attempt to avoid confrontation and make face to face conversations.

    • Yes I agress...i can say that if he would have done it face to face...then we would probibly still be friends...or at least I would have tried harder to stay friends with him