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I met up with an old hs friend. She's hot and when we met up she tried giving me a hi hug. I didn't know how to act. I got stuck/nervous so i didn't hug back. It got weird and she instantly pulled back halfway through her hug. She must of felt rejected. As soon as she left i text her it was great seeing her and she said it was for her too. I then replied apologizing saying i totally wasn't expecting a hug but that''ll i'll show some love next time. She didn't even text back after that.

Did i do the right thing? now i'm worried/wondering if i now look weird in her eyes. What if i was wrong and she didn't even try hugging me? maybe that's why she must of thought wtf is he talking about. No i don't like her we are just friends...


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  • you did the right thing.


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  • Man I hate it when people don't text back. Maybe she is busy and had something to do? How long has it been? And no you did not do anything wrong.

    Honestly? She's probably a little embarrassed that you didn't hug her back and might not want to talk about it. Change the subject and everything will be cool.

    Do you KNOW how many embarrassing things guys bring up and i'm just like ;-;

  • Talk to her


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