Should I ask him where we stand?

So about a month ago I started talking to this guy I use to work with about 2 years ago. He poked me on facebook so I messaged him. So we talked and planned to hang out. The first time we hung out he told me he isn't looking for a relationship. One month went by and I'm sort of confused. Me and this guy hang ALL the time. We do fun things. Hike. Minigolf. Shop. eat. etc. He holds my hand in public. Kisses me. Gives me piggy back rides etc. Pda I guess. Lol he met my parents and I met his. We have slept together and it was amazing. He took care of me after my surgery. He told me he's not seeing/sleeping with anyone else. Then asked if I was... And neither am i. So my question is should I ask him what we r? Or just keep having fun and keep enjoying my time with him? If so... how should I approach it? I've only had 1 boyfriend. I'm 20. He's 23. Help.


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  • If you are developing feelings and have been romantic then yes it's time for you to ask him where you stand. If he still says he's not looking for a relationship then you will have to decide if you can accept being someone's side girl till they are ready the possibility of something more or not.


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  • I think you should ask him where you stand with him. Just bring it up in conversation that you have fun with him and because the both of you aren't seeing anyone else that you should just be together.

    • That's what a lot of my friends are saying. Thanks :)

  • You should listen to Where I Stand by Ashanti. I know this doesn't have anything to do with your question but I just thought of that song lol.

    • Hahah thanks for that. I actually will. Then play it for him lol jk.

    • Lol that would be a good idea but to answer your question. I feel like if you're having fun with him & you hangout all the time, don't ask him. It will probably make things awkward after that.