What the hell does this mean?

I confronted this guy on not texting as much after a first date and canceling plans without saying anything and he says 'sorry (my name), but I think you should find someone who will treat you better'
and i waz like 'so your not interested in seeing me again? can i ask why?' and he said 'no reason, im just in a weird emotional state right now'... wtf? he kept telling me he had fun seeing me on the first date and i was really interested in him. What does this mean? Is he not over his ex? He did say he had been in a 5 year relationship a while ago but didn't say how long ago...


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  • You've been on one date. He is not interested. That's how deep this goes. Don't try to understand or obsess over it. Let it be. Move on.

    • but he didn't say that cuz i asked him. besides, we really hit it off then it just went to shit...

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  • He probably isn't over his ex. 5 years is a long time to be in a relationship.