Girls, Will she ever give me another shot or at least text me again?

Ok so there's this girl I met at Wal-Mart she works there she's pretty cool. I would see her there on certain days of the week. I remember approaching her at her register chatting with her for a bit and asking her for her number, but she was on the clock and plus she had a boyfriend at the time so I was respectful about it and i left it there. I followed her on IG and she followed me back. After all of that I would go to Wal-Mart and I would see her almost every time I would go there and I just found it weird. Now at this point it became a little awkward because I wouldn't say anything to her when I would walk past her because I didn't want to bother her at all she already said she a boyfriend. So I wasn't going to go any further than that, 48 weeks later after just passing her by most of the time she hmu on IG saying "long time no talk" I replied "ikr how have you been" no reply. Later on that night I went to Wal-Mart I seen her but I didn't say anything to her she came up to the aisle I was at and talked to me. We walked and talked when we got outside we finally exchanged numbers we texted. We set up a date for the next day and we hung out I took her to play miniature golfing. It was real cool I felt a connection we kissed she expressed how much she liked me and that was the first date she's ever been on. I had went on vacation with my family I told her about it she cool with it we text/called each other. I came back we both wanted to see each other I went to go see her on her break at work we chilled and talked in my car I asked her when she's gets off did she want to hang she was cool with it I wanted her to come over and watch a movie and just talk I had no other intentions of doing anything. She was okay with that but when she got off she cancelled it. The following week I text her we text for a little bit and I asked her if she wanted to hang out and she never replied back. Where did I go wrong im kind of puzzled right now.


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