Should I leave him?

I recently started dating a guy I've known for three years. He's my best friend and our relationship was great. Long story short, I got drunk and looked through his phone because I felt like he was hiding something. I saw messages between him and a girl I do not like. The messages included him saying the girl could "enslave men with her head skills" (I already knew he got this from her before we dated) and then she asked about how his sex was with me and he replied something hurtful and a little on the vulgar side. After I confronted him he cried and apologized a lot. He said he'd understand if I left him. He is my best friend and my significant other but I'm not sure if this is okay. What do you suggest?

by the way yes I know it was bad to look through his phone. I had tried talking to him about how secretive I felt like he was with his phone but he wouldn't listen


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  • wow this is just mean but did he say why he told her this? and if this was a mistake and you think he is truthful about not doing her again and you can completely forgive him and trust him again then why not.. we all do mistakes right?


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  • I don't know about you, but I don't think I would be capable of forgiving him if I was in your position. That was a very hurtful thing to say.