Asking a Girl I Barely Know to Homecoming?

There's a girl I sit next to in class. We barely talk, but I know who she is and she knows who I am and our families know each other. I would say we're like almost acquaintances but we're too shy to acknowledge each other. She's very pretty and there are a few personality traits I know about her that I like. Would it be weird to pull her aside one day after class, compliment her on a few things, and tell her I'd like to get to know her better by going to homecoming with her (I would phrase it in the way that it would be a question)?
P. S. It's really hard to get a conversation going because she's so shy so that might affect whether I should just go for it or not

  • Yes ask her.
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  • No get to know her better.
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  • You should ask her if you guys know each other then I think that she would be happy to go with you... I know I probably would have been happy to go with someone other than my friends (I didn't get asked by anyone to homecoming and mine was last night)... lol


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