Things went from hot to cold, should I move on?

I knew this guy from elementry/middle school. I moved away for high school, but last month we reconnected over social media. I just got settled into my 3rd year in college, when we reconnected. So from the start we were 5 and a half hours apart. This didn't stop him and that first week he invited me to go to a concert with him and his group of friends. It was one of the best firsts dates I have been on and we had an amazing first kiss (es) that night. Following the concert we started texting/calling/facetiming/snapchatting all the time. I ended up going camping two weeks later with him and his friends. That weekend (3 weeks into it) he told me he had never fallen for a girl this fast. He told me he loved me. One week later I surprised im and drove the 5 and a half hours to his place to spend only 13 hours with him, until he went to work. That made us relaize just how far apart we really were and for me it made me realize how much I realy did like him and how I wanted to do anything in my power to make this work. But thats when things shifted. He became more distant and the calling/facetiming stopped unless I asked him to call me. The texts he sent had less emotion and I felt like he didn't care anymore. I confrounted his a couple days later and he told me he didn't realize we would get this serious and he fell hard for me but he is scared that I am going to hurt him. His previous relationships have left him with trust issues and he has a wall up. I dont know if i should let him go and move on, or keep fighting for him. He is everything I ever wanted in a guy. Advice PLEASE! xoxo


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  • It's a long ways to see someone. I would look for someone closer.

  • Wow! This is tough. I would keep fighting for him, I think. Unless he gives you the indication that he no longer wants to be with you at all, I would keep pursuing him.


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