Boyfriend refuses to give facebook password. What to do?

I have been dating this guy for 3 years. In the beginning he was quite paranoid asking for my password facebook and Gmail almost blackmailing me. That phase luckily passed and we had the most amazing relationship since. All till he was about to go study abroad. He got cold and distant.. not bothered about anything about us any longer. No love talks anything, didn't fight with me even when I did not call for like the whole day. Said was busy. Since he moved abroad, he has almost completely cut communication. Calls almost twice a week and makes the call appear like an obligation for my sake. On confrontation, he says he is busy and I should stop thinking about all this and focus on my studies. he says he is busy but is online all day. after a rather longish rare Skype call I broke down and asked him of he was cheating on me which obviously he denied. I casually asked for his facebook password and he turned brutal with words. I know I do not trust him and I cannot handle his behaviour but the thought of the break up which I suppose is just a matter of cutting contact, I cannot think of a way to survive it. I'm completely emotionally dependent on him a nd every time I say we shud take a break, he says he is fine with it. When I cannot get a grip over myself and crawl back, he talks fine but is not warm.. not even close to when he was back here. I am an emotional mess right now. bordering on depression.. taking sedatives to sleep.. please help...


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  • Everything points to him either no longer being interested in you, or he is cheating or met someone else. Sorry to say, but remaining emotionaly dependant on him is destructive for your wellbeing. You need to find your inner strengh and end it with him and move on. Good luck!

    • Thank u for your comment.
      Doesn't say so as such. Asked him frankly quite a lot of times. He rebuts me for nagging him and says I should concentrate on my studies. I wish he ends it rather once and for all. Doesn't though. It is killing me.

    • Sounds like he wants you to be the one who initiates the break up so he can continue his ventures guilt free!

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  • I think you should reach out to psychologist or some other form of mental health counsellor right now because you sound as if you are beyond the point where any piece of advice someone on the internet gives you will help. I also think you should break up with him and focus on developing your social circle where you are.


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  • First of all, his FB account is private and he has no obligation to give the password to anyone else. Respecting one's privacy in a relationship is essential.
    Secondly, I think the phrase "long distance doesn't work" holds true for your case. It is definitely possible that he may have become busy due to work and studies. In the midst of this rush, maybe the relationship's priority has gone down. He still calls, indicating he is still open to make this work out.
    There's a reason why people say long distance doesn't always work, and maybe now you're getting to realise why...

  • You both have major trust issues, no should have to give their private information out.

  • if you can't trust each other enough where you have to get passwords so you can spy on them, you should break up


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