Kissing on the first date?

Is this expected after a great date? And what happens is she dodges the kiss, how do you recover?


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  • I don't kiss on the first date if it's a really new guy that I didn't really know before the date. I feel like it's important to know someone a little before you connect physically. I don't want physical attraction to cloud my judgment, I don't want to date a guy whose personality is wrong for me just because I'm really attracted to him phsyically and there's physical chemistry.


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  • Heh. I just posted a question about this... When I was dating, yes, it was expected. And if she dodged, there was no second date. Period.

    • Isn't that a bit harsh?

      I personally don't kiss on first dates, no matter how great the date was

    • Perhaps to some. But why would I want to go out again with a girl who obviously didn't share my same sense of dating? They were all very nice girls, but I wasn't going to waste my time with one who wasn't as open as I was - and I'm sure they were more comfortable with men who thought along the same lines as they did. It's all good, though... my wife kissed me on our first date. (She slept with me on our second, but that's a different story.)

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  • In my experience if you didn't kiss him on the first date there's no second date. They know they've been rejected, but in my experience that's if you guys know each other, but if it's a new guy then I wouldn't kiss on the first date you have to get to know them good luck !