What should I do?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for two months now. On our first date he told me he likes me a lot and showed a lot of affections. But am deeply in love with him because of the way he cares and put smiles on my face.
Being around him gladdens my heart. He is the one person i can't do without. He is so kind and soft spoken. He is so passionate when it comes to kissing.
I have been waiting for him to say "I love you" but he doesn't say it. Does it mean that he doesn't love me and what should i do for him to love me more than i do?
Please help, i dont want to loose him.


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  • Its nothing wrong if a guy don't say i love you. It seem kiddish to say it from guy. Two month for a guy to say i love is too much to ask for. For the guy do say it fast they don't. Really mean it


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  • It's only been two months...


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