I finally told my boyfriend I love him, he didn't say it back, but?

He called me love at the end of the conversation, saying "sweet dreams love" . It took me awhile to say it myself. We've been together since January, and this is both of our first major relationship after being in long term relationships that ended bad. His more recently than mine. I know he must be nervous to say it. He shows me love all the time. But what does the calling me " love" significance?


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  • You cannot push or force love. People get to that point on their own. it is a catch 22 because some people feel if they say it, and the other person doesn't feel that way, they have to end the relationship. When I said it to my current girlfriend I just let her know that I understood she was not at that point yet. I didn't want to make things uncomfortable by saying it over and over when she was not there. So I just explained that I wanted her to know how I felt and where I was. And that i would not say it again until she was at the same point. If he was in a LTR and it ended badly he is going to be wary. I was married 25 years. the divorce was not my idea. I doubt that I will ever truly love anyone again. But I am at the point of love as much as i ever will be. I will never let my guard down and let a woman into my heart like that again. I cannot go through what I did during the divorce. Through therapy I have learned to accept how I am now.


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  • He may not Be Ready Nor Raring to Commit to the "I love you" part yet here, dear, but with his actions that 'Shows me love all the time' and his 'Love' at the end of his sentences that tell even more, he is In love with you, but is not this Ready eddy just yet, he is spelling it out in other ways.
    Go slow with his flow. You both have certainly come a long way since January and with a year, dear, just around the cozy corner, who knows by then, what could happen with More in Store.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the upvote, sweetie. xxoo

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    • For sure!! Thank you for the advice! Though he still hasn't said it, he's definitely a keeper and it won't be long! 😊

    • Oh, so welcome, and with your own words, I hear myself sweet somethings in your own ear here, dear. xxoo


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  • Just a term of endearment. He shouldn't be afraid to say I love you. He's said it before. He just doesn't feel it

  • His feelings are there.
    But most of it is 'elsewhere' I would assume.

    "... Long term relationship ended bad. His more recently than mine."

  • not bum you out, but it might have been a speech expression


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