Why does he never follow through?

Met a mutual friend a year ago. Hooked up. Insane chemistry. Carried on hooking up occasionally. Have became really good friends. He's not a player, has never had a one night stand, has only had sex with one person 4 years ago (23 now). He's extremely confident and good looking. Hasn't had sex with me yet, but talks about it happening all the time. He recently moved close to me and texts me very regularly - he always initiates meeting to hook up so I agree and try to plan it, and he always seems to find a way to bail and never follows through. Usually I would get the hint and assume he's not interested, but he continues to message me, repeating this process every single week, and bare in mind we get on really well as friends and he always talks about how hot he thinks I am. I'm a pretty chilled person but I got sick of this cycle so asked him why is it so hard to see each other and he basically just said it's no big deal, we've got all the time in the world. I don't feel I have a right to get annoyed as we are only casual, and I'm not overly fussed - but I'm just curious if there's any reason for him being so hot and cold and incapable of following through? Also, the fact we are strictly hooking up makes it even weirder - who doesn't follow through when they are offered guaranteed sex with a person they say they really want to have sex with?


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  • He has a girlfriend

    • Nope, we have the same best friend. I'd know.

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  • Maybe he is not certain about your feelings or he is not ready for something serious yet.