Pregnant by fwb?

So I've been friends with benefits with this guy for a year and I ended up becoming pregnant while on depo. I told him from the very beginning that he could walk away it was fine but then he said I made him happy and he waved to be with me. After he moved into my apartment apparently he started having second thoughts about a relationship so I ended things and stopped contact other than having his brother let him know that he could be there for our baby's birth and that we could still coparent our child. So after a few days of no contact he sent me a message saying how sorry he was for everything that he hoped I could forgive him one day and that I was his best friend and more. We talked I said I forgive him but it's like nothing ever happened he still texts me all day etc. So my question is this what is going on? I mean I gave him what I thought he wanted but he still came back I haven't brought up the relationship thing because honestly what's the point but why did he have to come back in my line?


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  • he's a guy. yea we do stupid shit but when its concerning out offspring things can change. it really sounds like he cares so he probably needed to get his head on straight and is probably still trying to fathom the fact that the person who makes him happy is having his child.

    • Yea it's just confusing and like I said he contacted me first so it's like he wants me in his life but is petrified of a relationship :/

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    • I told him that I just wanted him to be happy and if that wasn't me it was ok and he tells me thank you for being amazing through everything all the time but I do think I deserve someone who isn't scared of being with me.

    • Definitley sounds appreciative. best i can say is just go with your heart. i really wish you the best with your new baby!!! and try not to stress!

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  • Why don't you simply abort the baby?

    • I'm almost due to deliver and I don't believe in abortion and I love my baby very much

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    • "Simply about the baby" WOW. people are so messed up. Sometimes a new baby makes me men freak. They're not like us woman. Hang in there girlie, you never know the future but your child HAS to come first. You have to do what's best for your spiritual & physical & emotional needs. Sounds corny but I'm serious. I watched my sister & brother in law go through some horrible stuff & no they're living in a pretty house & are very successful. Best of luck!!

    • Abort.*

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  • maybe he actually feels that it's his responsibility to be beside you through this despite what you have said.. he is torn between what he needs and what he must does , and to be clear about nothing you can say or do will make it easy for him so please don't just cut it off with him again thinking it will be easy this way cauze it won't.
    So just keep up your life as you are planing and if he helps then let him and if n't then nothing (I think he will choose to be by your side) goo luck


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  • That's really something that we could only speculate on. Only he will know the truth about what he is thinking and feeling. My advice would be to just ask him. It's the only way you will truly know. Communication is a big key in any relationship.