Is she really interested or not?

Ok so me and this girl have been texting, getting to know each other and snapchatting everyday. She knows i like her in a romantic way, but i have trouble reading her. She gets embarrassed when people call me her boyfriend and they do it cause I jokingly say she's my girl and she knows that. She recently confessed she likes me but i kinda don't believe. Like i said we text snapchat everyday. We also work together and she happen to get really sad and depressed looking when I told her I was quitting soon. Sometimes when I compliment her she say "aw that cute "and I'm not sure if thats a way of putting me in the friend zone but she does text me right before with hearts saying goodnight. So do you think she's interested or just wants to be friends?


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  • No she's not. She feels comfortable around you thats why she texts and snapchats you which doesn't mean that she likes you in a more than friendly way. By getting depressed and sad when you told her you're quitting your job shows that she enjoys your company. Texting goodnight with hearts isn't a big deal for girls. She likes you as her friends and not more than that.

  • Sounds like she does but you ought to ask her officially to be your girl


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