What should I text this girl I met online right now?

We have be talking with each other for the past couples of days and I told her last night that I will text her today. How should I text her? I sent her Hi, how's your day for the past two days and now I need something new. Please help me.


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  • Girls don't like the same old same old stuff. Don't ask how her day was every time. Start of with something funny, but not over the top funny. Girls like funny, interesting, and courageous. If you think she's worth it, ask her out on a date. Stop playing around with the texting game. The point of texting is to get a date, so get it. Texting is her game, dating is ours. Get back on our side.
    Example starter texts:
    "Having trouble taking over the world again?"
    "Hey, can you keep a secret?"
    "Get into any trouble I should know about?"

    I still encourage you to use texting to get that date.