I can't date because I'm unemployed... Is this a good reason?

I got fired from my awesome competitive job a month ago and I've been feeling pretty low about it. When I was employed I was more proactive in the dating scene because I had a sense of pride and self worth by having this job. Now I don't have that anymore and I feel unattractive. Even though I'm trying to find a new job like this and pick up where I left off, I still don't see myself as worthy for any girl. Is this a good reason to leave the dating scene?


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  • Being unemployed does not mean you are not worthy, but I do agree with you regarding the 'confidence' aspect. Don't date when you aren't confident, whatever the reason might be.

    Having said that... in my case, it was different because both my past relationships happened when I was unemployed (almost 5 years back). Since I started working, nothing has worked out.

    • Interesting. Why did your relationships begin during your unemployment? Did you just have more time to devote to dating?

    • Not really. I can make time even now, if I wanted to. It's just that I have always been way to insecure about so many things, and my self esteem keeps fluctuation. Both those relationships happened because the girls themselves made the first move. I have tried making the move too a couple of times, but gotten rejected. I feel that I'm way too 'repulsive' in terms of looks.

      So I guess even those relationships happened 'by chance'. With the kind of looks I posses, combined with my severe lack of confidence, I don't think any woman in her right mind would want to date me.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)


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  • I agree that having a job raises your happiness and self-esteem, but remember, you need to find that happiness on your own. Just like people who can only be happy if they are in a relationship, you need to learn to be happy whether or not you have a job. Find that self confidence now because you're going to have a lot of struggles in the future and you'll need to know how to deal with these struggles, especially when you're in a relationship, with kids, etc. You aren't defined by your job, but your character of heart. Don't give up.

    • Thank you. It's just psychologically draining to wake up every morning and have little to no daily objectives.

  • This is a good reason to STAY in the dating scene. This way if you do actually find a woman even though you won't have a job, you'll be sure that she likes you for YOU and not for you as a provider or someshit like that.

  • You're just as worthy, but being unemployed is depressing unless you have a couple of years of expenses in the bank.

  • Yes. Dating is a financial drain on men.

  • Nah, definitely not.
    Have a good time with the ladies man !

    Hope you have a good credit card ;P hahahaha !