Am I weird? How do I gain self confidence?

I'm 27 years and I've never had a relationship.. It makes me feel weird and unattractive, but my friends say that's not the case. I don't think I'm toooo picky? The last crush I had was on a guy who was 20 pounds over weight? How do I stop feeling like a freak?


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  • i'm the same age as you and also in the same boat, nice to know there is a woman out there that also struggles, makes me feel better knowing that i'm not alone, mainly because i like to feel women have it easier because guys are expected to be the initiators.


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  • Uff ok. You didn't give much info for me to help.
    So you are at least fairly attractive and you are not too picky but you can t find a guy.
    The last guy you had was over weight, i don t understand how this is relevant to the situation, are you downgrading him because he is fat? Do you think you are better than him because of that?
    If yes the problem starts here, you need to know that physique isn't everything. Apply it on yourself and on others and I think you ll find a lot of changes. Just go out chilling with your friends, be confident to open up and engage with everyone that interest you. Do some new cool activities that will boost your mood, confidence and social life.
    I don t know if I am clear enough or if that helped in anw. Gd lck

    • I added the over weight comment because a lot of people seem to say that girls are too picky and turn down guys that don't "look good enough" for them. I guess I wanted to point out that I don't think I'm picky yet I've never had a boy friend. And that makes me feel weird :(

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    • Heyy. omg really you re a graduated architecture student! I have very high esteem and respect for anyone who survived those years of torture lol :p
      Are you happy with your job right now? Where did you graduate from?
      Look everyone has his priorities in life and you ll experience everything in your own pace.
      I mean if you didn t do that you wouldn t have been an architect now, which smthn you love no?
      Unfortunately some majors require some sacrifices more than others. But if you love it, it won t be considered as such.
      Try to make more time to go out, put yourself out there more. Try to make the first step.
      I don t think you lack in anything.
      An architect is always an interesting person to talk to. You are logical yet artistic. You are cultivated...

    • You have a lot of things going for you girl! Come on, architects are usually arrogant people since they consider themselves creators ;)


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  • Self confidence: stand naked in front of mirror and admire your beauty
    to get hook up : join some social activity , meet more people

  • really, a woman that is 27 and never had a boyfriend? if it was a guy in this situation, it would be less shocking, mainly because guys are still expected to make the first move

    • And that's what makes me feel weird...

    • well i don't blame you, because women don't have to be the initiators

  • It's easier for girls to ask a guy out than vice versa.

  • I think you just need to get out there more, even if you don't come back with anything, just try.


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  • Remember all the things you have achieved.

    This can be difficult at first, but after a while, you'll develop a handy mental list of self-esteem boosting memories. And if you're thinking "But I've never achieved anything", I'm not talking about climbing Everest here, haha.

    Things like passing your driving test (despite being nervous), passing exams (despite doubting that you would), playing team sport, getting fit (even if you let it slip later), saving money for something, trying to help someone (even if it didn't work) and so on.

    Good luck cutie.

  • Go and talk to people and befriend them but don't hope for too much.

  • You decide to stop caring.