I have a long distance relationship. What is your idea about it or do you have ldr?

I have ldr. I am so happy but we cannot meet whenever we want. how can I make my relation better or what is your experince about it


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  • The other comments got it all, but here's the real kicker, just remember when you're in a long distance relationship; "I rather be living far away from you but feeling so close, rather than being so close but feeling so far away."


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  • Remember to Skype, text frequently. Send pictures, updates. If he does not show his face while video calling, then ditch him. If you are the one who does not show your face, then you deserved to be dumped. Good luck!!


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  • just be sure that both of you are 100% committed to make it work and even if its difficult things should go well. I am in one right now and it sucks that we can't see often but we both do many efforts and thats what it takes because when you are apart its easy to just distance yourself mentally, dont fall in that trap and talk a lot to maintain your emotional bond, good luck!

    • ahhh thank you so much :) where do you live and where does she live?

    • i live in Canada, we are in the same province but 10 hours away, soon ill move in a closer city where my mother live, itll be 3 hours away, oh and its a man haha. do you live really far from your SO too?

    • I live in turkey and he lives in swedeen