Does he just want to sleep with me?

I meet this guy two years ago while I was on a trip in his city. We got along really well, but because I live 4 hours away we didn't talk much after. About 2 months ago I was there again and we hung out for a few days. I'm there this week for work, so we've been spending more time together. We haven't had sex, but he's made it clear he wants to but he said only if I'm ready. He said I'm giving him mixed signals and wanted to know if I'm using him because I don't know anyone else there or if I like him. He asked if he could pursue me if my job transfers me to his area, but I'm just worried this will change if I sleep with him. He said we could take a step back and be friends if that's what I want, but that he's so interested it would be hard for him. Am I reading too far into this or is he just telling me what I want to hear? When I'm with him he treats me really well, takes me out, and is very affectionate, but when we're apart we don't talk very often.


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