How to meet girls after college?

that do NOT involve bars or clubbing or online or flirting with random girls on the street/cashiers? where can I meet a beautiful, social girl my age (23) with a decent career? and I'd prefer to meet her through a group or a class or through friends, like what I did in college and school. (my college and high school friends are too busy with work and relationships to see me).

so, where to meet girls? especially in an area like silicon valley? I don't need to meet the right girl or get married, I'd be OK with a small relationship or even a female friend I can hang with.


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  • Sounds like your best bet would be hanging with a girl from work. The downside is you still have to see her every day if you guys break up.

    • I work with almost all men. and the women there are married.

    • Then I'm not sure what to do. Literally all of my boyfriends have come from either school or work.

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  • i joined a social dodgeball league.

    5 girls are required to be on each team of 20. after the games at the YMCA, everyone heads to the local bar.

    plenty of the girls i've talked to, join to meet guys.


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  • i wouldn't know where can I meet a guy like that in your question


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  • The gym, dance or cooking classes. Take classes at community college or learn cold approach