Is it wrong to date your Siblings friends?

Growing up I had crushes on my Sisters girl friends. When they used to come over I always tried to talk to them and get close.

My sister always told me they are her friends and to stay away from them, even my mom said to stay away.

My thoughts are a siblings friends of opposite sex usually are your first chance at having a crush and I think it's normal to want to date them especially being I knew them so well. I know lots of guys who dated their sisters friends, my sister stopped me by keeping her friends away from me.


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  • Lol no 'cause the oldest of my siblings is 7 years younger than me


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  • Here's the big thing: most relationships eventually fail. That's not being pessimistic, that's just going by the numbers. And most relationships start off with you thinking the other person is the best thing since fucking, and then the shine wears off down the line, and that's where you find out if you actually love this disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human being, and vice versa, or if you just can't stand to be around each other anymore and chuck the deuces up and walk away. Chances are, the sibling's friend will not last, and now your sibling may be in an awkward position, or if their friendship continues, you may be in an awkward position in having to see them after the breakup. It's not "wrong" per se, but just remember the odds are that you will not be with this friend and stay with them until one of you dies.


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